My name is Brian and I write code.

I also fork code, install code, run code, fix code etc. This is my job in the digital library.

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Encoded Archival Description
Roadmap: XTF 4.0 EAD overhaul

Social Networks and Archival Context

Part of the project is to create a prototype integrated historical resource and access system that links descriptions of people to one another and to descriptions of resources in archives, libraries and museums; online biographical and historical databases; and other diverse resources.

XTF branch

The search and display in the prototype was created with the eXtensible Text Framework from the California Digital Library.

The customized XTF for SNAC is maintained on a branch on google code. Most of the SNAC specific changes are located in the cpf2html directory of the xtf-cpf branch.

Social Network Graph Code and Data

A second google code repository is maintained for graph and linked data code that is not directly related to XTF, such as

Property graph database in the form of a graphML file and RDF made available under Open Data Commons Attribution License. This gist on github has information about how the data is structured. It is available for download on google code or over SPARQL.

Context Widget

A third repository on github contains code (that is very much still a work in progress) for a sort of widget that can be added to an EAD collection display to link back to snac. [add links to the screenrs about this]

Forks for SNAC

Two of the projects I'm using don't offically support tomcat; so I'm maintaining forks that have altered pom.xml files that build .war files I can deploy into tomcat. SNAC specific configuration files are also maintained in a branch in these forks.

rexster fork for tomcat with SNAC configuration, tomcat is also configured to put a jsonp filter in front of rexster that adds support for a callback parameter. This provides access to the graph database.

jena-joseki fork with configuration files customized for SNAC. This provides the SPARQL endpoints.

docco fork with added support for xslt, groovy, gremlin scripts.
installation notes.